Survival Training Classes

Courses Offered By S.T.A.R.K. Survival Company


Part 91 International Operations: The course provides Emergency Crew Member Training for extended over-water flight and includes pre and post ditching requirements, flight and cabin crew responsibilities, water evacuation procedures, use of all life support equipment, long and short term survival in warm and cold environments and deployment of rafts and vests.

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8 Hours                                                 15 students                        $2295.00 plus expenses per class



International IS-BAO Certification: This program is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of IS-BAO 5-3-1, a thru k.

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12 Hours                                              15 students                        $2495.00 plus expenses per class



FAR Parts 135, 125, and 121 Emergency Crew Member Training: This course meets and exceeds all requirements set forth in the training guide lines for Air Taxi, Large Business Aircraft and Commercial Aviation.

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12-18 Hours                                        15 students                        $2495.00 plus expenses per class



Helicopter Underwater Egress Training: Meets the requirements for underwater egress from all submerged aircraft and includes Dunker and HEEDs training.

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8 Hours                                                 15-20 students                  $2495.00 plus expenses per class



Executive Passenger Training: This program provides emergency training for executives and frequent flyer on the corporate aircraft.  The program is very effective for aircraft that use two man flight crews.  The training includes location and use of all emergency equipment (life vests, rafts, fire extinguishers, exits, smoke hoods and brace positions).  This is followed by a smoke evacuation conducted by the trained passengers.  The program is conducted in three two hour periods for the convenient s of the participants.

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8 Hours                                                 Limited by aircraft seating            $2295.00 plus expenses per day



Open Water Training: The objective of this two day course is to provide the participants the opportunity to use the life support equipment carried by their aircraft for ditching in an environment where it would be used.  This program includes :  open  ocean, night training, use of flares, Dunker Training and CPR/AED training.

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16 Hours                                              15-20 students                                  $600.00 per student per class