IS-BAO Registered Operator - Training Course

Wet Ditching Procedures:

Current Accident/Incident Reports, Aircraft Ditching Procedures, Crew Coordination, Passenger and Cabin Preparation, Raft Preparation, Launch, Activation and Evacuation.

Water Survival:

Protective Flotation, Surviving Cold/ Warm Environment, Dealing with Hypothermia, Dehydration and Other Environmental Concerns.

Water Survival Equipment:

Donning/Activation of Vests, Life Rafts, ELT’S, Water Maker, Signaling Equipment.  Hands-on Use of Equipment in a Water Environment Pool, Lake, Bay or Ocean).

Amver System:

SAR Recovery System, Cospas/Sarsat Interface, Communication Frequencies, 406 ELT Interface, Activation.

Cockpit Fire And Smoke Management:

Accident/Incident Reviews, Crew Coordination, Cockpit Checklist, Smoke/Fumes, Use of Oxygen Masks, Goggles and Smoke Hoods.

In-Flight Fire Fighting:

Crew Coordination, Passenger Notification, Types of Fires, Location and Use of Aircraft Fire Extinguishers.

Smoke Evacuation:

Crew Coordination, Land Evacuation Procedures, Pulling Exits, Evacuation Exercise from Smoke Filled Aircraft (Stage Fog).

Hazardous Material Identification:

Label Identifications, Inadvertent Hazmat and ORM Materials.

Aerospace Physiology:

Recent Incidents, Pressurization, Rapid Decompression, Hypoxia, Expanded and Evolved Gas Problems, Physical/Mental Stresses and Use of Oxygen Equipment.


Anti Hijacking Methods, Verbal Security, Hotel Security, Personal Security Course.

Classes Conducted at Client Location
Cost Per Class: $2695.00 Plus Expenses
Length: 12 Hours (1 ½ Days)
Class Size: Limited to 20 Students

S.T.A.R.K. Survival Company not only offers IS-BAO aviation training for aviation emergency evacuation and aviation emergency training, but also flight evacuation survival training.