Helicopter Underwater Egress Training

Helicopter Ditching Procedures:

Flotation Systems and Deployment-Ditching Control-Brace Positions for Impact-Swells or Waves.

Passenger Preparation:

Notification- Vests-Seat Belts/Shoulder Harness-Locks-Brace for Impact-Evacuation.

Exit Doors and Windows:

Release Mechanisms-Jettison procedures-Doors and Windows.

Helicopter Emergency Underwater Egress:

Pre-Impact Procedures-Post Impact Procedures-Cabin/Cockpit Emersion-Egress Techniques-Do’s and Don’ts.

Helicopter Emergency Egress Devise (HEED):

Benefit of a HEED Bottle-Use and Duration-Hands-on use of the HEED.

Dunker Training:

Dunker Preparation- Each Student Participates in Four Underwater Egresses-Two/Vision-Two/No Vision-Use HEED Bottle in Two of the Four Egress Exercises.

Water Survival:

Locate Passengers-Assure Life Vest Deployment-Huddle if Raft Not Available-Do Not Reenter the Helicopter.

Course Conducted at Aviation Departments Location

Cost Per Class: $2295.00 Plus Expenses
Length: 8 Hours
Class Size: Limited to 15 Students