Part 91 International Operations Flight Safety Training

Wet Ditching Procedure:

Accident/Incident Reviews-Aircraft Ditching Procedures-Crew Coordination-Application of the AMVER System-Passenger Preparation-Cabin Preparations-Evacuation Procedures.

Water Survival Equipment:

Fitting and Deployment of Life Vests-Deployment of Rafts-ELT’S- Reverse Osmosis Pump-Signaling Device-Hands-on Use of all Life Support Equipment in a Water Environment (Pool, Lake, Bay or Ocean).

Water Survival:

Managing the Ocean Environment-Dehydration-Hypothermia-Food and Water Procurement-Raft Management-First Aid.

Cockpit Fire and Smoke Management:

Accident/Incident Reviews-Smoke/Fire-Fumes/Toxicity-Types of Fires- Use of Fire Extinguisher-Oxygen Mask and Goggles-Smoke Hoods

Cabin Evacuation:

Cockpit Checklist-Passenger Briefing-Crew Coordination-Exit Demonstration-Evacuation Procedures-Evacuation Exercise from a Dark or Fog Filled Aircraft.

New Product Information:

Update on New Aviation Life Support Equipment.

Not only is water survival training a huge part in the safety of aircraft evacuation training, but we also need to focus on cabin smoke management as well.

Course Conducted at the Aviation Departments Location

Cost Per Class: $2495.00 Plus Expenses
Length: 8 Hours
Class Size: Limited to 15 Students