Executive Passenger Training

The program is designed for the executive who flies primarily on the corporate aircraft, however, information on commercial travel is also presented. The program is aircraft specific and includes cabin idiosyncrasies, cabin safety, safety equipment and evacuation techniques.

Cabin Safety and Preparedness:

This section addresses take off and landing safety procedures. It includes forward, aft and side bracing positions. The danger of apathetic travel and the role of the executive passenger during an aircraft emergency.

Onboard Safety Equipment:

This section covers the equipment the aircraft carries onboard and  includes the following donning, fitting and activation of life vests, location and deployment of life rafts, donning smoke hoods (if carried), location and use of fire extinguishers, passenger oxygen equipment, location and deployment of exits and proper evacuation procedures.

The Evacuation Exercise:

The exercise provides an opportunity for the executives to apply their training to conduct an emergency evacuation in a smoke (stage fog) filled cabin using the over-wing exit.

This program is divided into three two hour modules to allow executives to conveniently schedule during the work day. This program can also be presented for large groups of frequent flier with modifications.

Cost Per Day: $2295.00 plus expenses
Length: Three 2-hour modules per day
Class Size: Limited to passenger seats available on the aircraft.